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Mayor Lin Chih-Chien Receives Contribution to City Reformation Award
Publish Date:110-01-19
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:News
The Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior held the awarding ceremony for “Tribute to Charisma of Urban and Suburban” and “The 8th Taiwan Scenery Award” on January 9th. The City Government received 20 awards. Mayor Lin Chih-Chien was awarded the “Contribution to City Reformation Award.” It was the first time this award was given to an individual. There are also 18 infrastructures in Hsinchu City that received awards. This was a great recognition for infrastructures in Hsinchu City from the jury at a national level.
“The award belongs to all the citizens,” said Mayor Lin Chih-Chien. In recent years, infrastructures in Hsinchu City have continually received more than 70 awards domestically and internationally. In the "City of Happiness Assessment" from Economic Daily News, the city has received first place three times and second place two times. In the "Five-Star County Mayor and City Mayor Assessment" from Economic Daily News, the City has received  a perfect score four times. In assessments from CommonWealth Magazine, it always receives top-rated feedback. Moreover, the satisfaction levels of the administration have been constantly above 70%. This shows that the citizens are highly trusting and supportive of the administration team.
Jury member Lin Ching-Chuan pointed out, Hsinchu City integrated the waters, green fields, mountains, coasts, historical and cultural areas, and green infrastructure with the idea of “City of Walkability,” accomplishing extraordinary aesthetics and quality and putting a simple and clear idea into practice one case after another with an adequate grasp on planning, designing, and every segment of construction. With knowledge of the environment of one’s own city, one recognizes the uniqueness and given conditions of Hsinchu City. The method of view refining was used to produce the quality and aesthetics of the infrastructures.
Mayor Lin Chih-Chien said, through these years of leading the administration team and creating changes with the citizens, it’s just like the well-known saying from Yukio Nishimura: “We feel, we think, we take action, we create, we communicate, and we inspire”, we will continue to work hard heading into the future.


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